Overall Population Demographics

On December 1, 2022, a total of 10,585 children were eligible to receive state deafblind project services. This is an increase of 144 from the 2021 total of 10,441. The number of children served by state deafblind projects at any time during the year increased from 11,330 to 11,454.


The 10,585 total includes

  • 548 infants and toddlers (birth–2)
  • 9,895 children and youth (3–21)
  • 60 (age 22) from states that provide services through the end of the school year in which students turn 22 years of age
  • 28 (ages 23–26) from Michigan, which provides services up to age 26 for students who meet state eligibility criteria, and other states that have allowed compensatory services


  • White–50%
  • Latino or Hispanic–23%
  • Black or African American–13%
  • Other races (Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Two or more)–10%
  • Unknown or missing–5%


  • Male–53%
  • Female–46%
  • Other, unknown, or missing–<1%